July 4th Hot Dogs – No Nitrates/Nitrites

Sugar Mountain Farm Hot Dogs – Simply Good Ingredients

Hot Dogs are in stores now! We’ve made our second delivery to local stores and restaurants for the summer in time for the 4th of July holiday.

We use all natural Vermont Maple Syrup from just down the valley in our hot dogs and no nitrates, no nitrites, no MSG, no gluten and no weird stuff.

You’ll find our delicious all natural frankfurter in the stores listed below:

If Sugar Mountain Farm pastured pork hot dogs are not yet available where you shop in Vermont or western New Hampshire then ask your local store to contact us at walterj@sugarmtnfarm.com. We deliver weekly.

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2 Responses to July 4th Hot Dogs – No Nitrates/Nitrites

  1. Patrick says:

    Looks like you don’t pull the “No Nitrates (…but we jam it full of celery juice)” trick that many use. I don’t care – Nitrates don’t bother me as an existential threat on humanity, like it does the people who shop for no-nitrate (but tons of nitrates through celery juice) people. I just don’t like the legerdemain.

    One of the fun moments on shared vacations is explaining to the in-laws who proudly come with that expensive, bland bacon proclaiming “No Added Nitrates” what that little natural ingredient on the back does – add tons of nitrates. “But it’s natural!”

    “Yes, so is Uranium. Chemistry is chemistry and nitrates are nitrates, whether from a box or from a plant.”

    I have no issues with nitrates in food, however they get there. The old studies claiming even tiny amounts of nitrates will kill me have been largely debunked as bad science (math, in particular), and it looks like they may actually lower cardiovascular issues. Like lard, it is maligned and misunderstood. And it’s fun to point out that before mass use of nitrates, botulism was a lot of fun for many people.

    I think people should get what they ask for, and if uncured no-nitrate dogs are their thing, then they should get the best (from you). My annoyance is with those who claim no-nitrate but then add it in ways the USDA does not require to be labeled as such. A lot of winking and nodding happening behind the scenes, I think. If we want “Honest Food”, then we should demand the big packers actually be honest and the USDA enforce it.

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