Round Bender

Round Bender Edge

Will recently made an adaptation to his home brew wooden metal fabrication machine that lets him do precise round corners. He is building the stainless steel tables and counters for the initial cutting room (iCutter) of our butcher shop.

Some of the counters will have cutting board plastic tops for cutting. Others will have stainless steel tops where heavy equipment sits like the vacuum packer and meat grinder.

By making the front edges an open round shape the tables are stronger. The ends will be welded to create a seamless upside down tray that fits on the frame.

Both the stainless steel tops and the plastic tops will be removable. I designed the stainless steel ones to snap-on to the stainless steel frames that hang on the walls. Being able to snap them on or off means it will be easier to do a deep cleaning on the room.

The tables will hang from the walls on sockets rather than standing on legs on the floor so that it will be easy to clean the floor before and after each meat cutting session. Sanitation needs to be easy.

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Daily Spark: In the salad days of summer, the slumbers of cucumbers are no more.

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4 Responses to Round Bender

  1. David B says:

    I really like the idea of no table legs to allow easy cleanup. Will it be a problem not having a table that you can get all the way around? Also any problem facing the wall all the time when you are working?

    • That is a concern so the tables frames will hang out from the wall by enough distance that we can reach behind them to clean.

      There is no real way not to be facing a wall, this is a nano-scale butcher shop. We have tiny rooms. But we’re used to that because we also live in a tiny cottage. :) The tiny cottage and the tiny butcher shop in the big woods.

  2. Trey Jackson says:

    Meta question for you: do you have some software/service that pushes your content to your blog/facebook/(other?)? Or do you do it manually to each?

    The shop is coming along nicely.

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