Magic Wall Mystery Question

Strange Ghostly Circles in Butcher Shop

In our butcher shop hall closet six strange circles have magically appeared on the back wall. Are these ghosts trying to communicate from the beyond? What could have cause them? I wash the wall and they vanish but then a few days later they reappear. They are not organic material. Not mold.

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Answer backwards for people using phones to surf the web where the above trick of hiding an answer and revealing it does not work… Hold your phone up to a mirror:

Ben and I embedded super magnets in the back wall of the closet. When Will grinds metal or Ben grinds concrete they create a fine dust in the air of ferrous particles. Fortunately they wear breathing masks. The dust that isn’t collected by floats around and gets collected by the magnets. Additionally our soil is high in iron so any dust from the land will also form this ghostly pattern on the magnets which shows the intensity and shape of the magnetic field. The observant will have noted that some of the magnets are donuts while others are flats. Each makes a different pattern.

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9 Responses to Magic Wall Mystery Question

  1. Katharine says:

    It looks like little fingers were involved in the making of your ‘Butcher Shop Crop Circles’

      • Bill Harshaw says:

        Still puzzling over the means–if you can wash the circles away, then the magnets are attracting iron dust? If so, where’s that coming from?

        • Isn’t it a beautiful puzzle? Hold this up to the mirror:

          Ben has been doing a lot of grinding of the concrete. When the grinding wheels wear they produce a metal dust. Will meanwhile has been polishing and cutting steel. That too produces ferrous dust that is attracted to the magnets. In addition to that one other possible source of dust is that our land is high in iron so dust from our soil would also do this.
          • So why are the magnets there in the first place?

          • Ah! The very good question is asked! The super magnets are there to hang things on. It’s an experiment. I had anticipated they might do what they’re doing – sucking ferrous dust out of the air – so I wanted to do a test of the idea in a non-critical location. In other places I have ferratic stainless steel embedded instead to avoid this issue. Another related issue is you walk buy and the super magnet might grab you. Thus why these ones are up and out of the way in a closet rather than at wrist level. :)

  2. lenny says:

    i gave up guessing….

  3. Nance says:

    I gave up guessing too; Walter, you are so far ahead of me that it can’t even make my head spin. But I keep coming back : )

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