Piglets in Shade

Piglets in Shade

With all these warm sunny days and new piglets being born we have to be a little careful about sunburn. White pigs can burn, no surprise, but even black pigs burn. The trick is to provide shade. Typically the sows farrow in the shade of the trees but occasionally they’ll have a litter in a location that was shaded when they got to it but then the sun moved.

Moving a nest of piglets is not practical. The sow is strongly homed to the location of the nest, not to the piglets. I’ve forced a move on occasion but it is better to let her stay there where she nested if at all possible.

The solution is if you can’t bring her to shade then bring shade to her. The sow doesn’t actually need much in the way of shade – she’s tough and doesn’t burn. More importantly she has thick hair and coats herself with mud. The piglets on the other hand have thin skins that have never been tanned. So we put up a tarp on a stock panel, hung from trees or use a piglet hut as show above. Even hours old piglets gravitate toward the shade.

Outdoors: 78°F/45°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/63°F

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  1. am in the pm says:

    Not so long ago you were worried about piglets keeping warm.

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