Gosling Time

Very Attendant Parents, Uncle and Aunt

Six little goslings following the flock, or rather perhaps being surrounded by their elders. Another goose is sitting on an nest full of eggs so there should be more soon.

Outdoors: 71°F/51°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/63°F

Daily Spark: Possession is nine tenths of the law said the ghost.

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3 Responses to Gosling Time

  1. Vaughn Peters says:

    Hi Walter,
    Not sure were to put this, but thought you and your readers
    might be interested. The (evil) FDA is now trying to force cheese
    makers into not aging cheese on wooden boards because wood absorbs
    bacteria (even though cheese has been aged for centuries on wood
    with no issues). There is a petition link http://wh.gov/lsSgl that allows
    you to sign the petition but I’m not sure how to present the link on this
    forum. I know this is not pig related subject, but the FDA seems to have
    run out of useful things to do and are just messing with small farmers !

    Thank you for the great web site and thank you for the courage to raise
    pigs on pasture, I wouldn’t have done it without you!
    Vaughn Peters

  2. Patrick says:

    I had twelve American Buff goslings a few weeks ago. A bad seam in a new hoop house/brooder let the racoons get eleven of them (and 14 ducks). Now I got one gosling left, who will hopefully be female so she can get along with my two older male buff geese.

    Geese are our kryponite. We raise everything else without drama – pigs, chickens, turkeys, muscovy…but those geese disappear before everything else. They are big, slow and don’t fight much when young. It’s hard to pasture such things in a world where the slowest loses every fight. So we enclosed them 360 degrees and intended to hold them until they got a little older and able to keep up with the mature flock – who offer some protection from predators (I have seen my adult muscovy beat back a fox – in the end the fox always wins, but they get slashed a lot). I imagine your dogs keep things pretty well protected.

    Bad on our part for now testing that hoop house harder. Oh well. Maybe we should stick to pigs. Nobody messes with the pigs.

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