FDA Attacking Cheese Makers

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Hi Walter,
Not sure were to put this, but thought you and your readers might be interested. The (evil) FDA is now trying to force cheese makers into not aging cheese on wooden boards because wood absorbs bacteria (even though cheese has been aged for centuries on wood with no issues). There is a petition link that allows you to sign the petition but I’m not sure how to present the link on this forum. I know this is not pig related subject, but the FDA seems to have run out of useful things to do and are just messing with small farmers !

Thank you for the great web site and thank you for the courage to raise pigs on pasture, I wouldn’t have done it without you!

Vaughn Peters

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2 Responses to FDA Attacking Cheese Makers

  1. Patrick says:

    FDA claims this was all a big misunderstanding…

    Good news for cheese lovers: On Wednesday night, the FDA, besieged by the outcry over a newly released document suggesting the agency would start banning cheese makers from aging their products on wooden boards, has walked its statement back. Way back.

    The agency first responded to the furor by stating that its position on wood had been on the books since the 1980s. Now it’s retracting even that assertion, effectively disavowing the staff member who issued what she called a “clarification” on the FDA’s position on the sanitary properties of wood. (In Wednesday’s statement, the FDA argued, “We recognize that the language used in this communication may have appeared more definitive than it should have.”)

    From: FDA Retracts Stance on Aging Wood on Cheese

  2. Peter says:

    I would suspect that that staffer did not appreciate a fine, washed-rind cheese. Or maybe is lactose-intolerant. :-)

    There is a neat show out there called “Cheese Chasers.” Wherein, you can learn that, for example, there are some folks in Greece that age their feta in wood barrels….

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