Grinding Done!

Hope Grinding Floor Coves

Today we finished grinding the first section of the butcher shop! Major accomplishment. This took longer than I had expected but it was simply a matter of working through it. Ben did the heavy lifting, most of the grinding, assisted primarily even by Hope who did some.

Interestingly, when I took that photo of Hope there was a significant dust cloud – why she’s wearing protective gear. But a quick Photoshop filter removed it all turning the colors rich. It almost looks like she was posing for the shot but in reality she was grinding and didn’t even know I photographed her.

I said we finished, but actually there is a small amount we still need to do – a very minor bit on the floors. Now that we’ve finished the shaping of the floors plus the final grind of the walls and ceilings we can apply the stains and polyurea to seal the ceilings and walls.

In the process of painting the ceilings and walls the floors will undoubtedly get a few drops on them so we’ve left the top 32nd of an inch on. We will grind that off just before we polyurea the floors. That will give the best adhesion with the polyurea.

The main grind is done and that is a big job well done! Now we can progress to the next step.

In other news, the Hobart meat saw arrived today. Huge box! It comes preassembled. I had figured we would have to assemble it so I had not expected such a big crate. Man, I could live in that!

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