Watermelon Dog Days

Katya Eating Watermelon

Katya doesn’t always eat meat. She also loves chocolate, cheese and watermelon.

Every Juicy Bite!

Katya loves her watermelon. In fact, she is quite ferocious about it. She eats it just like us, chomp, chomp, chomping the sweet red flesh across very evenly. Then, like me, she eats the first part of the white but is not interested in the rind below that. She has standards.

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6 Responses to Watermelon Dog Days

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Walter
    I read somewhere, that we should not feed chocolate to dogs.

    • According to Katya that is a fine myth and you shouldn’t eat chocolate either. She says you should send all your chocolate to her… :) Please do click through the chocolate link at the start of the article for a fun discussion of doggy mythos.

  2. Belseth says:

    I had a dog steal a whole bag of chocolate covered cookies. She wolfed them down in the five minutes it took me to run to the corner store and back. I panicked but she was fine and showed none of the symptoms I read off the internet. I think the truth is large amounts of dark chocolate may be risky but most “chocolate” doesn’t have that much chocolate in it. Most chocolate you see today is mostly fillers, like milk chocolate, and artificial chocolate because it’s cheaper. A couple of bars of 85% may make them sick but the truth is they don’t like it as much. The same dog stole part of a dark chocolate bar I had and she didn’t even finish it. After a bite or two she lost interest.

  3. Peter says:

    This reminds me that I need to plant watermelon and pumpkin seeds ASAP.

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