Dust Bowl

Chicken Dust Bowl

Pigs like to wallow in the mud. It is a sunscreen, insect repellant, skin moisturizer and helps them cool down.

Chickens prefer dry cleaning via a dust bowl. They’ll pick a high location and then lots of them will use that same spot, improving it, from their point of view. Generally they pick out of the way spots such as this one by the fence line.

Outdoors: 60°F/43°F 2″ Rain
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Illinois you but at least your not living in Missouri. -Will

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2 Responses to Dust Bowl

  1. Andrew says:

    So when you say out of the way you find that it doesn’t affect the quality of the pasture (that is, they don’t find a patch of clovers and turn into a dust bowl)?

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