First Bonfire of 2014

Bonfire at Upper Pond

It’s cookout weather! We have a fire ring of stones on the knoll by the upper pond. This is an ideal bonfire cookout spot. It looks out over the pond and south field, is close to the cottage, the fire can’t escape due to the terrain design of the beach and water plus it’s right next to the pond for swimming and watching the fish jump in the evening.

When cutting the firewood we use to heat our cottage there are typically some junk pieces that aren’t worth the effort to split up for our tiny wood stove. We burn so little wood that we can be choosy from the dead wood we use.

The junk logs along with scraps of spruce timbers from construction make for great bonfires through out the spring, summer and fall. This moves our evening cooking outdoors which is pleasant come the heat of summer in July and August.

In the distance beyond the pond you can see the south field weaning paddock. It is empty right now as the piglets being born this spring aren’t quite up to weaning age. This area is about 100′ x 100′, a quarter acre and divided into ten paddocks which piglets rotate through when they leave the sows. This gives them a chance to be tamed by Hope, to get to know people and dogs. They also get to know the different kinds of fencing we use from netting to polywire and beyond. Kindergarden for pigs. That quarter acre space is big enough to raise two or three pigs all the way to finisher size. Think of it as a nano version of the managed rotational grazing we do out on the bigger fields. Read more about it here: South Weaning Paddock.

Outdoors: 71°F/49°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/63°F

Daily Spark: “Don’t let life randomly kick you into the adult you don’t want to become” -Chris Hadfield, Commander of Expedition 35 International Space Station

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2 Responses to First Bonfire of 2014

  1. Laura Dille says:

    Walter I recall you stocking one of your ponds with fish a few years back. How has that been going? Can you have fish for dinner?

    • The fish are doing swimmingly and have reproduced but none of us are particularly into fishing so we don’t tend to catch them for food. The fish eat the insects and are fun to watch. Sort of an experiment for keeping fish in the ponds but nothing we’ve delved into very deeply. I guess they are sort of like the ducks and the geese which also eat insects but we don’t tend to eat or market them.

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