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New Piglets

These piglets were born out in the far end of the south field. This year we ended up with a little extra hay at the end of the year and Ben set some bales out in the brush of the south field where the gestating sows are now. They’ve been enjoying the warming weather and making good use of the bedding since fresh grasses are not yet readily available for building nests.

These piglets are from a young sow, a gilt up until the moment she farrowed and magically transformed social status. In pigs, a gilt is a female that has not yet farrowed, that to say, given birth, to a litter. Once a female pig has farrowed then she is called a sow. This is her first litter so she is called a parity one sow or P1 for short.

This particular sow is in our Blackieline. She was bred by Spitzon, son of Spitz our Berkshire Boar. One of the piglets, a female, is the spitting image of her grandfather Spitz.

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  1. Ed Allison says:

    Nice! I’ve seen you reference P1 and P2 before, but did not understand it until today. Thank you. Keep the info coming!

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