Pig Skull Found

Pig Skull
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I find bones fascinating. This is what we discover inside when all the squishy parts have been stripped away. Carnivores chew on them and sometimes leave one behind. Mice and insects clean the bones the rest of the way. The rain, wind and sun weather the bones, leaving aged ivory color.

This is a roaster pig skull I found this spring after the snow melted. It was where our livestock dogs dine. They devour their dinners, bones, teeth, hides and all for the most part but occasionally leave a remnant like this. It is quite amazing to hand the big dogs a big thigh bone and they immediately crack it and wolf it down. Gone. Teeth and jaws like that give one a lot of respect and make me very glad they’re on my pack.

Looking in through the base of the skull you can see the hollow of the pig’s brain case. The brain is small, about the size of a chicken eggs. Even when the pig is full size at 800 to 1,700 lbs the brain will still be small, like a chicken egg. Much of their brain is devoted to smelling. Pigs are big fans of smells. See the post Of Pig Brains and Tea Cups for another view.

You’ll note the front teeth are shovel like. This is great for digging up roots and bitting off grasses, clovers and other forages. Those big back teeth let pigs grind up just about anything – they’re opportunistic omnivores.

Discoveries like this are our version of finding a fossil, something we never do around here since our rocks are igneous rather than sedimentary. We don’t even have arrow heads. So Hope and I content ourselves with finding the bones of moose, deer, pigs, coyotes, birds, mice and other critters. [1, 2]

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Daily Spark: In a world where the FCC won’t let you use certain words on TV or Radio we’ll have to explain that Mary rode into Bethlehem on Joseph’s big butt. I would rather have mentioned his a**.

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