Spring on Sugar Mountain Farm

Sows and Feeder Pigs

The pigs are happy to see the greening pastures.

These sows and feeder pigs are returning from the north pasture after grazing all day. There’s a lot of grass and other forages now available. As they shift out of their winter paddocks we are planting for their fall and winter foods of sunchokes, sunflowers, pumpkins and other good late season foods.

Outdoors: 74°F/50°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/64°F

Daily Spark: Not being one to quaff at ethics I have never had morels.

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4 Responses to Spring on Sugar Mountain Farm

  1. Hi Walter, I am going to plant last year’s pig pasture in sunchokes and kale and stuff. I am also pulling stinging nettle out of my garden. My rabbits love it. My chickens pick at it but would love it if I would chop it which I won’t cause I don’t want to get stung. I can’t remember seeing anything in your posts about nettles and pigs. Do you have any experience with your pigs and nettles? It’s good food, I enjoy sauteing and eating the young greens but how do pigs like it? I’ve given them to pigs before with half hearted results but that could be different if they were harvesting it themselves from the pasture instead of me pulling it out of places I don’t want it and throwing it over the fence for them in bulk. I am considering throwing some roots in there to propagate but I want to think this through very thoroughly first. Any thoughts on this topic? Or can you point me to previous posts? Thanks.

    • Our pigs eat burdock (not so prickly but they even eat the balls) and thistles (very prickly). I don’t think we have stinging nettle so I don’t know about that. Let me know if they do or don’t… I’m curious. On the burdock and thistles they eat everything right down into the ground, digging up the roots.

      • Well I guess I will try it then. If your pigs will eat thistles and my rabbits sit on top of it as they eat it, then possibly the pigs will like the stinging nettles best fresh and early in the spring when it comes up first thing before anything else. Its a foot tall now so it would be a great early food. I’ll let you know how it goes. I had been feeding it late in the season when it went to seed and I was trying to keep it from spreading. Maybe early is the key.

        • That’s a good thought. Late in the season many plants are tougher, earlier they’re more tender. We joke that the thistles must be spicy! We like eating hot peppers so I suppose it isn’t unreasonable if pigs and giraffes might enjoy prickly plants. One theory I’ve read is that we like hot spicy foods because the spices kill off bacteria that could hurt us.

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