Double Dog Dare

Mirror Image on the Steps

This is Sirus and Hanno, two of our livestock working dogs. They’re identical twins. Not just litter mates but they look virtually identical. They are clearly and truly very much alike, far more so than normal litter mates. Even we who know them intimately as pack do a double take at times to figure out who is who.

Over the years they’ve each accumulated a few scars that make them easier to tell apart and they each have a slightly different scent. They have their own personality and have gotten slightly different training for different jobs on the farm. We’re all generalists but some of us have certain tasks we handle more than others. Over time these differences in life experiences take twins down slightly paths and make them a little bit distinguishable.

Fortunately they know their own names, and they know each other’s names, so there is no confusion for them. In fact, if I call Hanno by Sirus’s name he’ll give me a funny look as will Sirus if I mistakenly call him Hanno.

So if you think you’re seeing double, you might be.

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Daily Spark: For years physicists have said we can’t go faster than the speed of light however there are some problems with this. Light can be slowed down to a crawl in the laboratory. The slowing down of light does not slow down how fast we can go. We can go faster than a crawl, just ask a toddler. The speed of light happens to go the same speed as gravity so what really may be the limiting factor is not the speed of light but rather the speed of gravity. Think of it this way, you see a cheetah chasing a zebra and you say, “Wow, that’s a fast cat!” But really it is the zebra that is the limiting factor on speed because the cheetah doesn’t bother going a whole lot faster – there’s no need.

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4 Responses to Double Dog Dare

  1. Amanda F. says:

    What beautiful dogs! I absolutely love your dog stories. They are what brought me to your site at first. Someone told me about your dog that uses sign language. Wondeful stories!

  2. Samantha Cutting says:

    I love your dogs AND your daily sparks. Todays spark is an amazing brilliant thought. A complete twist on it. I majored in physics and never thought of that. Way cool!

  3. Anna says:

    Beautiful dogs! What breed are they?

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