Barrel Hinges

Stainless Steel Barrel Hinges

These are stainless steel barrel hinges which we’ll use on doors and cabinets in the butcher shop. Will is fabricating strong stainless steel doors for the butcher shop because doors are one of the major failure points we’ve seen go bad at other butcher shops. They take a lot of beating. For less than the price of cheap doors we can build very good doors that are exactly what we need.

In fact, they’ll be better than any door I’ve seen and I’ve looked at a lot of food processing doors over the past four years. To do this construction Will taught himself to weld and studied door construction. Then he made a machine to aid in bending and fabricating metal. The door he’s working on right now is his second door which will go on the bathroom. The first door was the traveling door.

Before I knew about these nice weld on barrel hinges I designed some that looked just like them and was going to fabricate them ourselves. But these are cheaper than I could make so I ordered a variety of sizes for testing. They look really good. We can’t wait to put the first set on and start swinging.

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2 Responses to Barrel Hinges

  1. Patrick says:

    Take a look at king metals and get their paper catalog/book. They also have a website that is a tad slow. They ship, and they have all sorts of door/gate/and other metal oddments for fabricators. They are just one of many, but I have used them before and like them. Of course, for me it’s a local (1.5 hr) drive so there is that.

    I fabricate all kinds of stuff, too. Generally it’s been cheaper and faster to just get the small stuff – or anything involving a moving part – than to make it myself. I just have to plan ahead, which is not always possible.

  2. Dawn Carroll says:

    We need more kids like Ben.

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