Remus on Hay Bale

Remus Enjoying the Sun

Our chickens and pigs are not the only ones who’ve been enjoying the recent warm and sunny weather. This is Remus, the negotiator, who is one of our livestock guardian herding dogs taking a break on a hay bale. A high up perch is perfect for enjoying the sun while surveying his domain and charges.

This is the first year we’ve ever bought enough hay. In fact, we may even have extra. It’s a good feeling having a large enough supply going into the winter. If hay is limited, the pigs drink less whey. If whey is limited the pigs eat less hay. Either way they grow more slowly than if both hay and whey are freely available.

Hay is pasture stored over for winter just like we do canning for our family’s table. Hay is not as good as fresh pasture, just like canned goods are not as good as fresh vegetables and fruit. But in our cold climate it gets us and the livestock through the winter to the coming spring when the pastures will burst forth. For us that is May. Fresh food coming soon to a field near us…

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Outdoors: 48°F/22°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/61°F

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