Traveling Door

Traveling Door

This is a special traveling door getting welded together on top of Will’s metal making machine. It will start in the doorway between the iCutter and Cave. Later when we have the Cave and FCB finished off the door will move to the doorway between Cave and Final Cutter. Then it will move to the door between Final Cutter and Chiller. When we have Abattoir done the traveling door will move once more to the Kitchen which will be where iCutter used to be. Loop-the-loop and around it goes. Dr. Who would be proud of this traveling door moving in time and space.

The purpose of the traveling door is to block off the clean and sanitary production portion of the facility from the dirty construction portion of the building. It is a door because if necessary it is capable of being opened to allow passage. Normally though the traveling door is going to function as a set of shelves.

Right now it looks more like Will is making a stainless steel bathtub than a door but that will change.

Outdoors: 24°F/-6°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/61°F

Daily Spark: You may think we communicated but realize that we understand each other only in that I understand you are saying something in ways I need to be very careful of because I can’t simply read the surface meaning. Remember how Nikita Khrushchev’s “Мы вас похороним!” was badly transliterated and nearly brought us to WWIII.

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  1. Your family continues to astound me with your creativity, drive, and inventiveness. You are living the American dream and making things happen. You and your kids are what is RIGHT with America. Bravo to you all Jeffries family!

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