Foam Squiggle

Foam Squiggle

We use a lot of foam in our construction. There is foam between the environment and the building for insulation. More foam between the shells of the buildings within buildings for further insulation of the selected cold spaces. We form concrete molds out of foam. Sometimes we bind together wood with foam to make formwork for pouring and plastering.

Some of that foam is old recycled foam.

Some of that foam is new sheet foam.

Some of that foam is can’s of foam.

Sometimes the cans claim they’re empty but leak a little more making foam art.

Outdoors: 14°F/-14°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/57°F

Daily Spark: If a pig was shaped like a dog it would look like a horse. (One of the problems with very large pigs is their hearts and lungs aren’t big enough to sustain strong activity. Our dogs on the other hand have huge cardio-respiratory capacity and are very fast runners. This discussion came from the thought that some of our pigs are big enough for riding, slowly, but they wouldn’t make good horses because we can run a pig to the ground. Horses and dogs have us beat that way.)

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3 Responses to Foam Squiggle

  1. Good “foam” you Walter! Never waste a drop.

  2. Farmerbob1 says:

    I’m not sure about your claim about horses in the spark, Walter. If I remember right, strong human endurance runners can outrun any horse in a long race.

    Dogs, on the other hand, especially leggy dogs in good shape, that’s a different matter entirely. I agree with you 100% that they can outrun us over any distance, barring injury.

    • You are right, a group of humans can run a horse to the ground. There is a technique to running to the ground, we’ve used it. It is easier and faster with pigs than horses though. Big circles help.

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