Sand Sorting Machine

Hope and Sola Sifting Sand

While Will has been working on metal working and his machine Ben made another machine that sifts sand for plastering the walls of the butcher shop. In the photo above, Hope and ferret Sola are sorting sand.

The sand sorter a.k.a. sifter sends rocks up in one direction and drops the smaller sand down into the barrel below.

I buy what is called 1/4″ sifted sand by the 14 cubic-yard truck load. We use this both for our driveway winter sanding for traction and also for parging and plastering in the butcher shop. The problem is 1/4″ is the smallest dimension of the largest particles which means in reality we can get some stones that are an inch long and they do not work well in fine plaster work.

We had been sifting the rocks out with a screen on a bucket but that was rather slow. To speed up the process Ben made this machine for sand sifting with a turning crank. The groves in the pipes catch the stones of sizes and deliver them to buckets all sorted for other projects.

Based on the experience with this and looking at other designs online he already has some ideas for new versions planned for the future. Wood is good for testing out ideas.

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Daily Spark: If everybody thinks it is true then it must be true. That is how we proved the world was flat, Global Warming and Climate Change. Worked for witch burning back in Salem too.

Note, I’m not denying Global Warming – I’m all for it. I just find the mad rush to consensus alarmingly like vigilanteism.

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  1. Audrey Kinley says:

    Hand sifting seems like it could be a lot of work. I remember the other day when my grandpa told me how he use to sift for gold. I just thought that, that was awesome an awesome story to hear. My grandpa is the sweetest thing ever.

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