Sleeping Sows South Plateau

Sleeping Sows on Hay

We’ve been having some lovely weather. It’s just in the right range of not too bitter but still sunny. When it gets ultra clear in the winter we can get some very cold nights. Good for star gazing but chilly.

The pigs prefer sleeping out under the sky even when they have the same bedding conditions with a roof. However a translucent roof such as an open greenhouse will tempt some inside, especially the smaller ones.

Wind protection and a warm belly from the composting deep bedding pack seem to be the most important thing for the pigs.

Also of importance is their cohort within their herd group. The pigs, just like chickens, ducks and other animals, tend to form groupings where they’ve worked out their social order. Within a herd there are many cohorts, sub-herds.

The sleeping group above is one of many strung out along the path from the whey troughs into the south field plateau. I set things up so that the animals must walk some distance from bed to breakfast. This helps to spread manure naturally so that come warm weather our fields grow well.

The biggest, oldest sows are the ones who walk the furthest. The smallest pigs take the closer spaces for the most part. This tendency is useful for self sorting of the animals with creeps to further extend the sorting.

Outdoors: 24°F/4°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/59°F

Daily Spark: Beware of Dogma.

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