Chorizo Sausage

Chorizo Fresh Linked Sausage Label

This week we added a new type of fresh linked sausage called Chorizo made from our Sugar Mountain Farm pastured pork.

Chorizo is a traditional Spanish style sausage. The Chorizo linked sausage joins our Hot Italian links, Sweet Italian links, Sage Breakfast bulk sausage and Polish Kielbasa in local stores where you’ll also find our all natural hot dogs and our other pork in these stores:

You’ll also find our hot dogs at these restaurants:


Also see: our other sausages.

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1 Response to Chorizo Sausage

  1. Sabrina says:

    Chorizo is one of those funny things where there’s a Spanish and a Mexican version, which have almost nothing to do with each other…and which one you get in the USA depends on where you are. I would want to try yours regardless, of course!

    Sabrina in Texas, definitely a Mexican chorizo place

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