Dust Be Gone

Air Fox

We’ve been grinding and polishing concrete which generates a fair bit of dust. We have zoot-suits, respirators, dust masks, and goggles to protect our eyes however it gets rather unpleasant in a room so full of dust you can’t see three feet in front of you. Thus the Air Fox.

Dust Pipe Out

The Air Fox is hooked up to a 50′ long flexible 4″ dust collector hose which vents the dust out back of the butcher shop into a snow bank under our scaffolding. This should lower the albedo and bring on snow melt, an old technique considered back during the cold war by both the Russians and the Americans.[1, 2]

The Air Fox is a powerful blower. It can empty the bathroom of air, our latest big grind, in 20 seconds. That’s three full air exchanges per minute. Not per hour. That’s per minute. It makes an amazing difference in visibility when two or three people are grinding the walls, ceilings and floor in a small space.

Outdoors: 11°F/-17°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/55°F

Daily Spark: We need a new term for things that have the USDA Certified Organic stamp of approval but really are not what consumers are thinking of when they think of organic. Cattle on a feed lot are not organic no matter how much organic grain they consume. Chickens in a closed in building are not happy organic chickens no matter how much organic grain they eat. These are Factory Farmed Fake ‘Organic’. As in, “That’s really F’Organic’d!”

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