Corrosion Or Not

Corrosion on Fasteners, or Not

All of these fasteners are the same age and have been in use in the same area for about two years. The corrosion difference between them is very telling.

The plain steel sheet rock screws in the middle have no protection from rusting and they did a fine job of it. In a few more years they would rust right through and snap off. Don’t use them in a moist environment.

The ledger lock screw at the top is a much heavier steel so there is more to rust away and it appears to be coated with an enamel which has protected it.

The stainless steel bolt on the bottom is the clear winner with no rust. This is why we use so much stainless steel in our construction and have no exposed plain steel in the butcher shop.

In my engineering paranoia I even used stainless steel rebar in the critical main beam of the 16′ span above the 20′ tall kill floor. We might hang 2,000′ carcasses there plus the weight of the rail and hoist coupled with the downward pulling force of the hide puller.

I’ve designed that beam to take over 60,000 lbs of force. I do not want my ceiling coming down as I almost saw once at a slaughter facility when a large one ton bull carcass bounced on the high rail during hide pulling. The building shook. Everyone had their doubts. We got lucky that time.

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Daily Spark:
Dining of the Chronovores
“Time to eat,” said Will.
“What time shall we eat?” asked Walter.
“There’s no time like the present,” said Ben.
“I’ll be at the table killing time,” exclaimed Hope.
“Just a minute,” requested Ben
In the future they sat down to devore the re-past.

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