Bend Over

Pipe Bending

I got this heat gun for bending electrical conduit which it does quite nicely. I’ve mostly bent 3/4″ grey PVC conduit but also a fair bit of 1″ and even some 2″ conduit. 3″ turned out to be above my level of patience.

Basically it is a souped up hair drier. But if you tried you use it for setting your locks you would find yourself bald and crispy quite quickly! By the way, do not look into the front of the gun with your one remaining good eye. It’s hot and windy!

In the photo above I’m using it to bend some black plastic pipe, polyethylene, which it works well on too. The grey PVC 90° piece inside the pipe was to help it go to the angle I wanted. After a bit of warming the plastic relaxes and makes a nice curve.

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  1. J.D. Ray says:

    I had an electrician at the house some years back doing work, and he used what looked like a therapeutic heating pad wrapped around the Schedule 40 PVC. After a few minutes, the stuff softened up like a boiled cannelloni shell. He quickly formed it the way he wanted, and it hardened back up within about 30 seconds.

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