Kavi in the Dog House

Kavi in the Dog House

Kavi isn’t in the dog house because of doing anything wrong. I merely wanted to get a photo of the dog house with snow on top of it nearly as tall as it’s own arched roof. So I asked Kavi to go in the dog house and he politely obliged, posing as I got my camera settings right.

It is looking a lot more like winter now that we’ve gotten a goodly amount of snow. And Kavi is feeling much better after his recent bout of upset stomach.

In the back of the dog house you can see a glass bottle wall. The entrance is an arch of brick. Like our cottage, the roof of the dog house is ferrocement barrel arch. This dog house was a test bed for ideas in building our cottage. Those ideas and methods are now being used in building our butcher shop. Prior to building the dog house we built another animal shelter. This architecture is an evolving process of discovery.

Outdoors: 12°F/4°F 6″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/61°F

Daily Spark: Scars are signs of character. In some cases, bad character, but still character!

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5 Responses to Kavi in the Dog House

  1. Cary Howe says:

    Want to read something scary? Do a web search for “new epa rules on wood burning stoves”. They just banned 80% of the wood stoves. Apparently the oil companies didn’t like people in rural areas switching to wood instead of fuel oil so they got the EPA to all but ban them. The intent is to drive the makers out of business and the remaining ones will be too expensive for the average person. I know how to build my own so they can’t stop me personally but most people will have no choice but to switch to fuel oil or more likely propane/natural gas. Interesting how this gets passed as fracking is exploding. Can’t have people switching to wood with all this new natural gas to sell!

  2. Bill Harshaw says:

    Hollywood comes to Vermont and corrupts everything! Kavi obviously thinks the right profile is the best–looks like he’s posing for a screen test, maybe the next Rin Tin Tin.

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