Glare Ice

Skating Rink on Riddle Pond Road

Outdoors: 35°F/-1°F Rain
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Comparing bananas and tangerines while thinking about apples.

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5 Responses to Glare Ice

  1. Nance says:

    I sure hope Holly or anyone didn’t have to venture out on that glare of ice! hope it is gone, melted, and that the deliveries are timely.

    • On days like those I take away Holly’s keys. It’s a little joke between us. I am very conservative about not driving in dangerous conditions. What ever it is, it can wait. We also have very good studded tires. If it were available I would have four wheel or all wheel drive on our van. I know it is available as a very expensive non-OEM add on and have considered getting it but we can’t be without the vehicle for the time it would take to get it added. So we drive carefully and don’t drive in weather like this. This is also why Holly uses a van rather than pulling a trailer. Our icy, muddy, curvy, steep mountain roads are not a good match for trailers much of the year.

      • bruce king says:

        The often build ambulances or EMS vehicles on a 4 wheel drive chassis. Has a bonus that the box of the van is bigger than standard (8′ wide instead of 6’6) and taller, too. I see them at municipal auctions every few months while i’m looking for work trucks that will work for me.

        • When we were looking for the white van we have now I looked at some EMS vehicles. The four wheel drive was very tempting and I would have loved to have given her the extra head room inside the van but the problem is that the extra height made them too tall to go in one place where Holly delivers.

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