Pickin’ Rock

Picking Over Granite & Marble

This is not a current picture. This lovely pile of rock is now buried under many feet of white snow. All the granite and marble we’re going to use for the winter has been picked and is stock piled on pallets close to the cottage and butcher shop where we can access them.

Safety First

You’ll notice Ben has ear protectors on and the dust mask and eye protectors too. Working with stone can be very loud and dusty. Diamonds are a girls best friend, they cut through solid stone, but ear muffs and respirators are a must have.

Outdoors: 34°F/-4°F 1/2″ Rain – Imagine that!
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/59°F

Daily Spark: Live to reverse evil.

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4 Responses to Pickin’ Rock

  1. Johan van der Merwe says:

    Diamonds are a girls best friend…lol Walter you are a funny man! But how do you move those heavy stones around? They are fragile too, so one must be carefull. But when istalled and polished it looks very good, last a lifetime.

    Take care.

    • Sometimes we use the tractor for lifting rocks, sometimes with slings, sometimes people power, again often with slings. Yesterday we carried placed two 350 lb partition slabs. One of those was up over our heads at 84″. Lots of hands make (still pretty heavy) work. :) We have on occasion dropped a rock and had it shatter. Always a bummer but fortunately nobody has ever gotten hurt. The biggest one we’ve moved is probably the sidewalk for the cottage which was originally the roof of Hagrid the Half Giant Dog’s house.

  2. You People ROCK!

    Seriously, is there any skill you don’t have? I am always amazed but how much you do yourselves. Can you even remember the last time you had to hire anyone to do something on your farm you couldn’t do?

    • Drop us on a planet anywhere in the Universe and we’ll establish a beach head, invade into the hinterlands and take over, inventing the necessary technologies on the fly. Cockroaches, Rats, Humans and Zniik!lizzs – the four famed generalists of the Universe. We’re glad to meat you humans…

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