Found Item – Stainless Steel Clamp

Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

Will and Ben found this in one of the hay bales they were feeding out. Last year we found a big knife. Fortunately we found it rather than the pigs or tractor tire.

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Daily Spark: Today, on a related found object note, while looking in a catalog at shower heads for the butcher shop bathroom I stumbled on one that had a built in musical speaker system. That is just totally bizarre. Let’s combine two activities, water and electricity, where I just don’t want to think about being the conductor. A shower is a well grounded place and you’re in the middle… What’s next: A shower head that you screw into the light socket? Plug in, turn on and crank up the juice – That will be quite the song and dance!

11 thoughts on “Found Item – Stainless Steel Clamp

  1. It’s a tri-clamp fitting. Could be from any number of places. Anyplace that has a need for a sanitary type fitting, from dairies to breweries and everything in between. I’ve even seen some very serious home brewers use them.

  2. Yessir – I operate a micro-dairy in NY and my neighbor is about to open a brewery right down the road, so I know those fittings well. Does it have a shamrock or clover embossed on the edge?

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