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Prickly Reminder of Summer

Blackberry Bramble Thorns I am working on electric in the initial cutting room of our butcher shop and I actually ran out of parts. I had been informed I had bought up all of the electrical conduit and non-metallic outlet … Continue reading

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Cole Ward Book: The Gourmet Butcher’s Guide to Meat

Hope with her copy of Cole Ward’s new book on Meat Cutting Master butcher Cole Ward’s new book “The Gourmet Butcher’s Guide to Meat” arrived in the mail today!

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Measuring Pigs with a Stick

Walter Wanding Pigs Hope snapped this photo of me counting pigs. I’m using my magic pig wand. The stick is a snip of brush I cut to a known length of 48″. Walking around through the crowd like this with … Continue reading

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Underhill Sow Shifting

Underhill Sows Today we shifted sows and gilts out of Underhill and up to the Plateau winter paddock. They had been in with our Tamworth boar, smaller Blackie line boar and MainlinexSpitz boar Spitzon. They’ve had two breeding cycles and … Continue reading

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