Prickly Pod Post

Prickly, Prickly, Prickly

A lot of plants have teeth and claws.
No touch me on pain of pain they say.
But those with toughie tongues,
draw them in and munch them down.

Funny thing. I would not want to eat thistles, burdock, briars, raspberries and all these other things that have sharp pointy parts all over them. But pigs, like giraffes, love these sorts of prickly things. Spicy!

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Daily Spark: An analgesic is a pain reliever. An anal-gesic gets rid of a pain in the ass. Now there’s a market!

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3 Responses to Prickly Pod Post

  1. eggyknap says:

    You mean I can get a pig to eat my Scotch thistles down? I’m all over that!

    Thistles are related to artichokes, and a friend of mine took the time to de-thorn one and prove it was edible. He didn’t manage to prove it was tasty, though.

  2. We had a terrible problem with thistles on our farm, so much so neighboring farmers complained that they were reseeding in their adjoining pastures. Then we got our Red Wattles and our thistles pretty much disappeared! Just one more reason pigs rule

  3. David lloyd Sutton says:

    In Santa Barbara, I used to take a scythe to work in my land cruiser (one of the huge rhino busters) and use my lunch break to fill the thing with Scots thistles from orchard and road margins. I had to wear thick gloves or use a pitchfork to handle the thistles, but my milk goats loved them!! It made my mouth ache just watching them chow down on the thistle heads, though. Never occurred to me to try them on my pig.
    Found out the hard way that horses love artichokes, heads and all. I lost twenty fine plants (all I had!) in two nights when a neighbor’s horses leaned the fence far enough to reach my ‘chokes.
    Like your spark, Walter. The one place politics actually create a market!!

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