Dustbuddie Fail

Broken DustBuddy

In finishing off the interior of the butcher shop we have lots of grinding and polishing to do which can be rather dusty work. In addition to the vacuum and dust collector system we built that exhausts outside the building we also got two of the above pictured DustBuddie shrouds for the grinders.

Despite being made of plastic they’re not cheap at about $100 each. When they work, they work very well, collecting the dust to the vacuum so we don’t have to breath the fine particles and the interior of our work space stays cleaner.

Unfortunately the plastic and the die cast metal of the DustBuddie is not appropriate for real world work. We’ve had three separate failures and in retrospect I would not buy these.

The first problem happened when one of the die cast metal clamps that holds the shroud to the grinder snapped in two. That rendered the DustBuddie unusable. Fortunately the company sent a replacement part and we were back in business at the daily grind.

The next problem was one of the three screws holding on the shroud took off the edge of the plastic so that the shroud shifted off center and hit the grinding wheel which then damaged the shroud. I showed the above picture to the company but they claim that this is out of warrantee and a user error despite the fact that it is clearly a design and materials flaw that let the shroud shift.

The third problem is that the hose adapter end for the vacuum where it fits into the DustBuddie shroud has broken in two places. This needs to be made of a higher quality and thicker plastic.

Duct tape makes a partial fix but that won’t last. Do you have a similar dust collector for grinders that you like? I would be interested in hearing about it as I want to replace both of these units when they’re no longer useable. If I can’t find something better we may just need to fab our own.

Conclusion: The DustBuddie is a good idea but a poor implementation. Not recommended.

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3 Responses to Dustbuddie Fail

  1. Peter says:

    The only ones of these that I have ever seen, you would use for stripping paint off your siding. Is this supposed to be the more industrial version of that? Just wondering. (Not that I would use it, my house is masonry)

    • Yes, these are for grinding concrete and granite. The cups have diamonds embedded in them. This seems to be a common theme with us – we use a lot of diamonds up on Sugar Mountain. :) Probably there is an unusually high concentration of diamonds in our surrounding hundred miles due to all the granite industry. Industrial diamonds for cutting, grinding and carving stone.

  2. Matt says:

    I rented a floor and a hand grinder when I epoxy coated my shop floor. I don’t remember the hand grinder make / model, but it was an 8″ disc and the dust collection housing looked like it had been fabricated out of stainless. There were replaceable “brushes” that helped make the seal with the surface you were grinding. It worked well for the project I did, and appeared to have been well used.

    Might be worth checking what the local rental places have. You might be able to buy one of your own.

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