Updated Time Table

Smokehouse Ceiling Vent

For those who like to watch things happen check out the updated time table for our butcher shop. Many of the milestones have new progress percentages for how much has been completed. Right now we’re doing parging ceilings & walls, metal working, polyurea and partitions.

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4 Responses to Updated Time Table

  1. Matt Pearson says:

    A five generation slaughter house/butcher shop (blood farm) in Groton Massachusetts burned down this past weekend. only leaves Adams farm now in our area

    • No, I hadn’t heard. What a shame. I just Googled and read the article. Sounds like it might have been the smokehouse which is often the flue. Fire is a very big problem for meat processing facilities. I’ve read of a lot of smokehouse fires but the refrigeration compressors, heaters and other equipment are other causes of fires. There have been a lot of fires at slaughterhouses and butcher shop..

      The standard 2×4 / 2×6 construction burns really well and does nothing to slow or stop the spread of the fire. One of the things I did in designing our butcher shop was to study failure modes of other facilities and then design with this in mind. This is also why we live in a masonry cottage rather than the bonfire we call the old farmhouse.

  2. David L. says:

    Have you seen this?
    Bloods slaughterhouse burned ths weekend here in Ma. All gone. Now there is just Adams and I rmemember that they burned twice in their history and I think you said that one of the places you used to take your pigs to in Vt burned too. And there was one in Pa tha burned not that long agao I remember seeing a newspaper article.

    All these fires make me really appreiciate how you are building out of concrete so it wont burn.

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