Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from the Jeffries Family

A Christmas meal well enjoyed…

Outdoors: 13°F/-3°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/56°F

Daily Spark: There are three kinds of men. Those that learn by reading. Those that learn by observing. The rest have to pee on the electrice fence for themselves. -Roy Rogers

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4 Responses to Merry Christmas 2013

  1. May Beth says:

    And a very very merry christmas to you too!

  2. Jenny Carpenter says:

    Hope you had a relaxing Xmas!!

  3. Dale says:

    I know you are working on a book on pastured pigs. I bought a book XXXX XXX about this and alot of the advice seemed awefully familiure. Then I realize that this book had skimmed your web site and the author had presented it as their own information. That is theft! You shouldn’t let them get away with that!

    • Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do about it. People are free to plagiarize unless prosecuted. I don’t have the money to sic lawyers on them and pay the court costs never mind tracking them all down. People let me know about this sort of thing from time to time.

      In the more overt cases of someone stealing my photos it is easier to prove and to get compensation which I do. But in the case of someone using the information on my web site to write a book it would be much harder to find them let alone prosecute them.

      I have deleted the title of the book from your comment so as to at least not give them publicity. Since they don’t really know what they’re talking about people will figure that out. What you and others can do is spread the word about such things. Karma comes around and bites back.

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