Blue Sky Snow Cottage

Cottage Under Snow and Blue Sky (Click for Larger View)

It’s cold out. Our cottage is snug. The butcher shop keeps itself even tempered in the weather. The herds have their shelters in the crannies of our landscape such as the south field shed. The dogs, well, they’re dogs and scatter around, some in snow banks, some in sheds, some watching the wind.

Snows coming tomorrow…

Outdoors: 4°F/-9°F Partially Sunny, 2″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/57°F

Daily Spark: Santa is an anagram of Satan. Weird. Tanas, snata, anats, saant, tnaas, ntaas… my mind jumbles on…

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2 Responses to Blue Sky Snow Cottage

  1. Doris D. Day says:

    My mind boggles that your entire family of 5 lives in that tiny house with all those dogs. My own stuff wont fit in such a small space never midn the stuff of the rest of my family and I think we would drive each other crazy.

    • Well, first of all, the dogs mostly spend their time outdoors. They’re working livestock guarding and herding dogs. If they were indoors lounging on the couch they couldn’t do their job. Oh, and we don’t have a couch. :)

      We too spend most of our time outdoors. In reality our home is millions of square feet. We just do our sleeping and some of our eating in one small 252 sq-ft portion called the tiny cottage. :)

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