Partitions Placed

Inspector’s Office Bookcase Partition

Most of the walls in the butcher shop are thick structural concrete. A few are thin partitions that are poured horizontally as partition panels and then mortared in place like large stones. The back of the bookcase in the inspector’s office is an example.

This bookcase is a doorway into the old farmhouse. Should we ever want to expand the butcher shop in that direction we’ll open up this four and a half inch thick partition and presto, there’s a doorway to a whole new space.

This would be handy should we find we need more space for aging, curing and fermenting charcuterie or perhaps a larger commercial kitchen for making chicharones, rendering lard, BBQ ribs in sauce or such. I don’t anticipate needing the extra space any time soon but it is good to know we have the ability to expand should we ever want to do so.

Until such time as we need a hallway there this will be a bookcase. The partition pictured above is a fire break between the old farm house and the new butcher shop. Ben made up eight of these partitions. Today he and I got them all set in place, glued with spots of can-of-foam. I mortared the first already. Tomorrow I’ll be able to work on the rest of them.

This morning we also got the massive 500 lb marble wainscot mortared in place in the bathroom. How do you set a 500 block of white marble? Very, very carefully and slowly. It took all five of us and scissor jacks we made just for this task. After this one cures for two days we’ll set the second one in place.

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4 Responses to Partitions Placed

  1. Laura Merrifield says:

    Looking really good. Great to include a way to expand!

  2. You are the king of Crete Walter! Concrete that is. Amazing the skills you and your family have mastered. As Keith and I plan our next home we’ve decided, inspired by you, that much of it can be built ourselves. Thank you again for being such a great do it yourself role model

  3. Julia says:

    Wow, “only” 4.5 inches thick. Just a think partition. . .

    So, when you expand your prosciutto aging operation into the old farmhouse, will you have a rotating bookcase, just like in Batman?

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