Three Sky Lights

Anybody see three strange lights in the sky at about 5:13PM ET. I’m in central Vermont looking south east. Slightly red, in a very large right triangle, grew brighter over about 20 seconds and then faded out and were gone. Two across the top, one below on the right. Orders of magnitude brighter than all the other stars. The color shifted through the red portion of the spectrum as I watched.

At first I thought constellation as the stars were just coming out but then I realized they didn’t match any stars I knew, were far to bright, wrong colors and were changing as I watched. Stationary. There was no sound, no wind, no atmospheric effects like meteors. Not airplanes. Not satellites. Not swamp gas. My impression was high up but nothing to compare with.

No photo.

Outdoors: 36°F/30°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: After you see the impossible, have tomatoe soup.

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4 Responses to Three Sky Lights

  1. JonniOcean says:

    Far out! You hear anything yet? The truth is out there.
    A few weeks ago I saw a streak through the sky. It was dusk.
    It turned out to be this!

    Be well, Walter.

  2. Pablo says:

    Northern Lights, perhaps?

    • I wish. But sadly, no, definitely not the Northern Lights. I’ve seen them many, many times in my life. These were point sources of light. Speaking of Northern Lights I haven’t seen them all year. Each time they were supposed to be performing we have had clouds this year. But, I have hopes for this winter… Lots of clear nights.

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