Fire 2013

First Fall Fire 2013

Actually, this fire was back on the 26th that we lit up the engines… Toasty cottage. It’s nice to have socks and gloves dry once again.

The graphic is a test of taking a bunch of photos and turning them into a GIF. Unfortunately I hand held the camera. Not so steady am I. The goal of this test was animation, a movie, with ultra low CPU, CRU and bandwidth usage.

Outdoors: 25°F/19°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/60°F

Daily Spark: Fire: Man’s greatest heist.

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7 Responses to Fire 2013

  1. val/sue depeyster says:

    pyromaniacs ignite ! :)
    we do our bit for global warming
    down here in southwestern vt too:)

  2. Jasm Yohm says:

    Ooooo! That is so cool! Or hot! I love it! I hate flickering text and graphics on web sites but that fire is so enchanting and calming. You should do a full screen version and make it a screen saver! I would pay for that. Burning screens! What amazes me is you are not overheating my computer. Normally movies dont work well and make my computers fans come on really high and loud.

  3. Mark Johnson says:

    Walter I just imagine you all sitting around your fire in your cottage on snowy winter nights watching the flickering fire warmed by its glow. You lead a wonderful life!

  4. Hanna says:

    Walter your fire picture counts as an attractive nucience. I can’t look away from it. It is so soothing…… so calming….. I just want to sit here and stare at it…….. I think… I am… falling…… asle…..p…..

  5. skeptic7 says:

    I noticed that your last update on your cottage is several years old. What do you think of Tiny Cottage now? With the children getting bigger do you feel adding on to the cottage is becoming desirous? In the daytime if your children want to be alone, they can go to different parts of the farm, but what if they want to sulk in the evening?

    • We love our cottage. It’s just right for us. Someday, as often discussed in posts, we plan to build a tower, a folly, which will be just behind the cottage. Fun stuff. We spend a great deal of our time outdoors, often working together. In the cottage is more of a quiet space for reading, study, cooking, eating, sleeping. The cottage’s functions are pretty focused. We also have the butcher shop, all of the farm areas, treehouse and forests. While our ‘house’ may be only 252 sq-ft, our living space is a thousand acres.

      If you want to sulk you can go split wood or something. Hard physical work is excellent for the disposition. But seriously, sulking isn’t something we do much of. Perhaps because we do get plenty of hard physical work.

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