FDA Extends FSMA Deadline – Get your comments in!

The FDA’s web site was messed up for quite a while so they have graciously extended the deadline for comments by a few days (more would have been appropriate) so there is still time for you to give them feedback on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that will screw up small farmers, reduce consumer choice and give a hefty extra serving of profits to the big corporate farms and food processors.

FSMA is good for Big Ag.

FSMA is bad for small farmers and consumers.

As you may be able to tell. I think quite ill of this latest government bureaucratic regulatory nightmare.

The government should not be applying industrial rules to small farms. Their definition of small farm is so narrow that many CSAs and other small farms will fall under their rules which of course gives the FDA a bigger bite of the federal budget pie which they want. Follow the money trail.

To learn more about the issues go here:
Rural Vermont Site

To leave comments go here:
FDA Comment Site
It is the one dated November 22nd, 2013 that you want to leave comments on at this time.

The comment deadline is November 22nd, 2013.

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Here are the comments I left:

I object the the FDA’s expansion of powers over small farms.

The FSMA will limit consumer choice by reducing the number of producers and driving many small producers out of business.

The FSMA small producer exclusion is too low and should be set at $10,000,000 instead of $500,000. It is very easy for the gross sales of a small farm, a CSA, a dairy to hit the proposed $500K mark. There is no need for the FDA to be controlling such small farms.

The estimated cost of compliance for small farms of $12K/year is greater than the profit of many small farms. Small farms need to be exempt or at the very least the government should pickup all costs if they want to do this program.

The limits on application of manure and compost to fields are absurdly lengthy and unnecessary. These limits do not fit the northern climates with short growing seasons and will take fields out of production cutting the number of productive acres in half. The FDA should have to prove harm on a case by case basis rather than by forcing commercial chemical fertilizers on us through the implementation of these regulations. The FDA’s proposed FSMA rules will destroy organic farming.

The FDA should have no hand in any of the farming issues. This is the role of the USDA. The FDA should be removed from this process. Funding for the FDA for FSMA should be eliminated.

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2 Responses to FDA Extends FSMA Deadline – Get your comments in!

  1. Bill says:

    Amen and well said. I hope your comments (and the thousands of others) will make have an impact. Another objectional provision of the Act relates to the on-farm handling of produce from another farm (as when a farm uses produce from another farm to help fill a CSA box). I just read this in Growing for Market magazine:

    The moment you handle another farm’s produce, you fall under the much more stringent Preventive Controls Rule. So, if you trim the outer leaves from a head of lettuce from another farm on your farm – or even cool a head of lettuce for another farm, or put a head of somebody else’s lettuce in your CSA box – you are engaged in “processing” and thus subject to a whole different level of regulation.

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