Homeland Security Church

Rocket Church

This summer a local church put copper embellishments on their steeple. Obviously these are hidden ICBM rockets made to look like part of the church. Is the Department of Homeland Insecurity sponsoring grants to churches around the nation for the installation of these defense systems?

Of course, they may not be rockets or missiles. These might be giant antennas for tracking the local WI-FI and other communications. Lots of possibilities.

I’m thinking that the missiles, which are made of copper, will oxidize in time. Perhaps that will make them blend more with the green decor.

What creative ideas can you think of to explain the ‘missiles’ on the church?

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6 Responses to Homeland Security Church

  1. Nancy wiggins says:

    Perhaps the steeple was precarious and needed support! Not a very attractive building, and the”missiles ” really don’t help!

  2. Debbie Wagner says:

    Neptune’s trident mostly buried

  3. Nance says:

    once the copper oxidizes (or whatever it is called) I think it will look right and proper. I am glad they are trying to preserve the original. Obviously, I’m not being creative here . . . just a Midwesterner, practical and preservationist.

  4. pAUL says:

    I hope the copper sheath are well grounded and there are not of lightnings in the area…

  5. Patrick says:

    Your sense of optimism in Homeland Security’s ability to competently manage something like a nuclear armament is…quaint.

    I think the aliens did it. I give them more credit than Uncle Sugar.


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