Halloween 2013

Ben as a Jester Marionette

Scenes from this year’s Halloween in Barre, Vermont.

Will as a Headless Farmer

Don’t shave with a scythe says he… Will’s costume head would pop up off his neck and spin around as he walked.

Hope as a Hippogryph

Ben and Hope sewed their entire costumes from scratch.

Tigers Riding Hippogryph

Halloween is a big art project each year with thinking going along much of the year and then a blaze of building starting October 1st when costuming construction is allowed to begin.

Monsters Invading the Zombie’s United Bank

Brain bank?

Barre, Vermont Halloween Street View

The local town of Barre, Vermont is pronounced like the word “strawberry” as opposed to Barre Harbor, Maine which is pronounced like a “bar” of soap.

Outdoors: 44°F/27°F 2″ Rain
Tiny Cottage: 59°F/56°F

Daily Spark: When you’re paranoid there are no coincidences.

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