Side Pour

Ramp Form

It is important to have side projects that can soak up extra time and materials. This is especially true when pouring concrete. It is near impossible to know the exact amount of concrete that will be needed in complicated forms, the exact amount ordered does not come off the truck and it is really, really bad to be shy a bit leaving a pour unfinished.

Pouring Extra Concrete in the Ramp

Thus I always order extra and with every pour we have a side pour, a side project that can use a bit of concrete, typically a few cubic feet to two yards depending on the size of the main pour. In this case our side pour was a ramp that descends from the sidewalk down to the inspector’s parking slab. The sidewalk was a previous side pour that soaked up excess concrete from other projects.

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3 Responses to Side Pour

  1. Patrick says:

    At least you prepare.

    Last slab we poured we ended up forming the sidewalk after we got the monoslab done. It was just my brother and I and we were tired after schlepping 17 yards of monoslab oursleves (subcontractor never showed up so we had to work alone). Did the walk anyway. I figured anything done that fast would probably crack. Surprisingly it hasn’t had issues over the past year.

    He’s visiting for Thanksgiving and I am eyeballing some concrete work. He doesn’t know yet…

  2. DrFood says:

    What’s with the blue (?plastic?) rings attached to the side of the building? Is that just slices of blue plastic barrels being used to store black pipe?

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