Diamonds Blade

Used Up Diamond Blade

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but they don’t last forever…

Pictured above is a diamond blade for cutting stone, one of several that Ben has worn out in the process of cutting the door sills, frames and other stonework for our butcher shop.

The diamonds may actually still exist, scattered across the ground as the blade wore away. But the metal holding the diamonds is gone and with it the tiny industrial diamonds that gave the blade its bite.

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2 Responses to Diamonds Blade

  1. Mark M. says:

    I would be interested in reading more about Bens new skill of stone carving, the tools and techniques, what he is doing with it and al that stuff. It is fascinating to me that you can cut such hard stone as granite and that you are using real granite in your butcher shop. Normally everything is fake or a thin facade in modern construction. People don’t build things to last. Bravo to Ben and your whole family.

  2. Patrick says:

    I have done limited stone work with limestone and it’s dusty, noisy and laborious. It’s also endlessly satisfying to see it done and knowing that, “it ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

    I’ve had commercial flooring and stone people look at the stuff I cut and say ‘we don’t do that anymore’. That’s because everything is pre-fab and if you fall outside the bubble you need to get dirty. Dirt calls for time and time is money. Hence they won’t do one-off work. So I ended up doing it myself, to the dismay of the pros. Amazing, considering I didn’t even do anything close to what Ben looks to be doing…

    So chalk me up as curious, too.

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