Spot the Pigs

Spot the Pigs

How many pigs can you spot?

This is a game like Where’s Waldo.

Realize rocks resemble rooters…

Make a guess in comments of the numbers, colors and locations.

To know what I saw place your cursor over the next word: Answer

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Daily Spark: Just because someone says I said something doesn’t mean I did. I find I get misquoted time to time.

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6 Responses to Spot the Pigs

  1. Daniel M says:

    I see two spotted one a black one and at least three white ones. Several rocks that could be more pigs.

  2. David lloyd Sutton says:

    That’s a hard one, Walter, not knowing the color patterns of your herd. I’ve a 20″ diagonal monitor, and I can only see three pigs, the two spotted or striped ones in the foreground, and a white ‘un mid-left, who may be a piggy-mimicking boulder. Nice mind game. Those boulders complicate things!!

    I notice the black and white animals seem to be in a fairly narrow electric corridor. How does that work? Is it a movement thing?

    Awesome world in your woods. Always appreciate your providing glimpses of it. And looking forward to the day you start putting together books because of the sheer grandeur of your body of work. My copy-editing/proofreading offer stands.

    Just reviewed a book, In Defense of Chaos. Earnestly recommend you bring it into your home library. Fine treatment of systems, dynamics, and the necessary chaos of freedom.

    • For a look at the potential colors see this search pattern.

      I’ll add that to my future reading list. I’m a firm believer in the benefits in Chaos. Chaos, the selection of possibilities from the multitude of randomness is the foundation of evolution, improvement, free markets and what leads us away from heat death, stagnation and totalitarianism.

      This picture is from the long paddocks in the lower south field. They’re about 700′ long by 50′ wide. Currently they’re being used by a number of sows with litters who are rotationally grazing through. Next a group of segregated breeding boars are going to move through and then it will be winter. Or not if we get lucky with global warming. (I’m a firm believer in global warming – I’m for it.)

      I am keeping your offer in mind when the time comes!

  3. Annette says:

    Cute title! SPOT THE PIG! I spot one spotted pig up close and another further out beyond him. I can’t tell if the ones further out are pigs or rocks or logs or what? I bet some are pigs. I’m going to call 7.

  4. Was it cheating to enlarge the picture or just using my resources wisely? I spotted one spotted pig, and until I read your answer, I thought there was another piggy way at the back of the picture with her hams to us, but apparently not.

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