Ben Juggling Whey

Ben Juggling Whey

Ben likes to juggle. Here he is using the tractor forks to juggle four barrels of whey. That’s talent!

He had filled the four barrels in the crate with whey for delivery to a group of pigs who were in paddocks that are not serviced by our various pipes as they’re up hill of the top tanks. These are just a few sows who recently farrowed and they’re getting room service to their field higher up the mountain. We try to avoid this carrying but sometimes it is necessary. Fortunately Ben’s a good catch.

Yes, the camera is level. Note the tall tree in the distance of the center of the photo. We live on a swiftly sloping land.

Outdoors: 62°F/34°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 61°F/58°F

Daily Spark: Prepare yourself to be lucky.

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