Beautiful Green Stone

Green Stone

This is a broken edge of some of the beautiful green granite we got recently. The delivery guy said it was marble but I think that is granite although I’m not sure. Either way it is gorgeous rock.

We get loads of the waste material from local quarries and stone sheds. These were big skins up to 8′ wide by 12′ long and from one to ten inches thick. These loads are the source of the stone for many of our projects like what Ben’s laser finger was pointing to yesterday. Door jams, counters, desks, window sills, culverts and so much more. Lots of fun with rocks.

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Daily Spark: The problem with some people is they don’t believe in fairies.

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  1. Larry AJ says:

    Walter, you should find this very interesting.
    You could probably add much to what the researchers are learning.

    • I am always somewhat amused by the assumptions ‘researchers’ like this make. They have too much grant money, too much time and spend too little time actually talking with their subjects. Those who spend 15 years out in the wilds with wolves do better.

      Perhaps the simple thing to do is ask them. We have a large pack of working dogs who farm with us, managing our livestock, keeping predators at bay. To work together we have a common language of around 300 words that we use together. We talk to the dogs and they talk to us, telling us about things that are going on. We use sign language both ways as well as vocal words and body language.

      Of course, they talk to each other too. They have many more words in their language that they use between themselves just as we have words that are important to us. Spending a bit less time in the ivory towers and CAT scanners and more time out in the real world fields would give these researchers a chance to learn this.
      For those late in the discussion see:
      Communicating Complexities
      Remus Renegotiates
      Katya Gambling
      Too Clean

      This isn’t tricks. It’s real communications and understanding which we use in our work with the dogs. It is important to understand the things that are important to them are not necessarily the same, thus why discussions of philosophy may be difficult. Just because they’re people does not mean they want to be citizens, roped into the complexity of humanities world with taxes, politicians and all that. But then I too have ill use for a lot of that. The dogs have their way and there is a boundary where we meet between our cultures.

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