Ben’s Bionic Laser Finger

Ben’s Bionic Laser Finger

Ben has been working on cutting granite sills for the doorways in the butcher shop out of the scrap granite we get from the local stone sheds and quarries. In addition to using the diamond saws and grinders he has found the laser beam to be invaluable in getting the shape just right.

Here he demonstrates a perfectly level line. What he is doing is pointing a laser beam across the door sill which he and I just installed in the doorway between the hall and initial cutting room. The laser beam just brushes above the flat edge of the sill and below his finger so as he moved his finger along the edge showing that we have installed the sill level.

No Photoshopping was done to achieve this effect of light. Rather the laser beam is passing just barely above the flat stone and just at the very tip of his finger. It doesn’t quite show it in this photo but in the real world I could see a hair line of the laser on the top of the sill while the rest of the millimeter thick laser beam passed over the top of the stone illuminating the top just by a faint amount. When he put his finger just above the stone the millimeter gap between his finger tip and the stone appeared to light up causing this effect that it appeared a laser beam was shooting out of his finger towards the stone. Too fun!

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3 Responses to Ben’s Bionic Laser Finger

  1. Dawn says:

    That is such an awesom sight!

  2. Dee says:

    I don’t quite understand the photo. It is very impressive but it looks like the laser is floating between Ben’s finger tip and the rock. How can you have light float like that? Is this something like the light sabers in star wars? It is cool.

    • The laser light has a thickness of about a millimeter. Ben’s finger is just above the stone, not quite touching it. The barest edge of the very intense laser light is nicking the tip of his finger and reflecting down to the stone and then some comes back towards the camera creating an intense spot of light that fills the visual space between his finger and the stone sill. In reality the effect was even more dramatic although it did come out quite nicely in the photo.

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