Fall Foliage – Prepping for Winter

Fall Foliage Peaking Out Around Marsh Mountains

Fall is officially here. Not just by the Equinox but the trees have begun to change color. Or rather the yanked on their fall wardrobe. It happened suddenly. One day I photographed a green hill across the marsh and the next day it was golds and reds.

While we push forward with butcher shop construction it is definitely time to start prepping for winter. That pile of sand on the right is for driveway traction this winter. This weekend we began the last major rotation cycles of warm season grazing. We’ve been prepping the winter housing such as the south field shed which is a three sided space that protects the pigs and birds from winter winds. We’ve been harvesting fruits and vegetables for our winter larder.

Meanwhile, construction continues. Ben’s been doing a lot of granite cutting, pulling from the pile in this photo and other stock piles of stone we have to make sills, shelves and the desk. I just finished the floors in the laundry and mechanical rooms. Plumbing is complete as are conduits so soon we can pour.

Progression of the seasons and projects.

Speaking of blue skies, I stumbled on a rather subtle and unfortunate bug in WordPress, the software I use to run my blog. Apparently when you upload images using the WordPress media tools the software discards the color profiles which ends up modifying how pictures look, specifically making colors look grey and muddy.

Compare the sky on the left vs right sides of the sample image at left. The left side is from before uploading with WordPress. The right side is after WordPress has uploaded and messed with the image. Ignore the JPEG compression which is the same on both – it is the color difference that is the issue. Apparently blue skies show this worse than some other colors which is why it was noticeable here.

This is quite visible in this month’s header which was created from the same image as the one on the top of this day’s post. The blue in the header image at the top of the page is muddy compared with the photo on the post which has a beautiful blue sky blue. The tones of the fall foliage in the header are muddied too compared with the post photo, losing vibrancy, because WordPress has discarded the color profile that tells your browser how to render colors properly.

So why doesn’t the post photo look muddy and grey like the header? Because WordPress never resized, saved or discarded the color profile on the post photo since I upload post photos directly via FTP to my server rather than using WordPress’s built in media tools.

Unfortunately this is a known bug, is an old bug and the moderator for the WordPress forum further insists it’s not a bug so he won’t let it get added to the bug report list. Such is life with open software.

My solution is I will simply not use WordPress’s built in media tools but instead upload images via FTP. If you care about the color of the pictures on your blog FTP is a good work around to this problem. Good to know.

Outdoors: 69°F/37°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/58°F

Daily Spark: Sometimes you don’t choose, you cope.

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