Burnt Out Surge Suppressor

This is what happens when a fence line surge suppressor takes a hit for the team. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had a lot of electrical storms which among other things fried the connection to the phone company about half a mile from our house taking out phones and internet as well as the power going down. Nobody was hit.

We have a lot of surge suppressors, bubbles of protection and excellent grounding to fight the forces of nature but sometimes Thor has better aim. We got two arcs at our cottage. The faraday cage protected us but lightning danced and crackled making for an exciting evening.

We were just seeing the near misses though. Some of the strikes were within 500′ and took out some trees. Unfortunately Thor did not take out the trees I wanted down. But then again, perhaps that is best as his aim is not all that great. Or maybe it is just his choices. In any cases the trees I want to cut I would prefer not to drop on fences, gates or people.

We were lucky. We were only without power for about six hours and phones/internet for about a day and a half. The gossip down as the post office was that a lot of people had hits and there was at least one lightning strike based building fire. Around our area there is a vein of copper running north-south through the mountains. The lightning storms seem to like that big grounding rod.

Today Ben and I pulled conduit through the butcher shop trenches in the Admin section of the butcher shop, initial cutting, kitchen, smokehouse, bathroom and into the future laundry. One of these lines will allow for a vacuum cleaner line out front for cleaning the van. Other conduits are for future gas lines to the water heat boosters, smokehouse and warm kitchen should we choose to use propane.

Outdoors: 64°F/51°F 2″ Rain, Little Sun
Tiny Cottage: 64°F/60°F

Daily Spark: Did you hear about the groovy new alien rock band? They’re called the Martian Mellows.

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2 Responses to Burnout

  1. Patrick says:

    Brownouts seem to be my devil. They toasted (simmered ?) a $2000 UPS that protects some customer equipment I manage. It was an APC UPS, too. But it did the job it was meant to do and now it needs a complete set of batteries to keep on trucking.

    It always seems that the trees fall over something I need: a path, a road or whatever. We just notice the more when they hit something. If a tree falls in the forest and doesn’t hit anything…did it actually fall?

  2. Melissa says:

    Walter, you continue to amaze me in your ingenuity and all that you teach your children. :) Love seeing the progress. Post office is such a good source of local info!! lol

    As for trees falling–I”ve heard TWO trees come down out in the woods, in the last month. Always very eerie.

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