Pig Available 1st of Week September

Bens & Shoat Pigs in South Weaning Paddock

We have an opening for a whole pig (or two halves) in the first week of September. If you’re interested, contact me via email at walterj@sugarmtnfarm.com.

Pigs go to market weekly so if you miss this opportunity you can book ahead in October or later. Generally it takes one month to get into the butcher’s schedule.

Whole pigs are $3.50/lb and generally hanging at 180 lbs (~4 cubic feet)which is about $630 for the pig plus $55 for the slaughter (scald & scrape) + $150 for butcher (vacuum packaged) for a typical total of $835.

Half pigs are $4/lb hanging at around 90 lbs (~2 cubic feet) which is about $360 + $33 (slaughter) + $85 (butcher) for a typical total of $478. Split a half with a friend if you want less or get the whole pig and split with friends to save money with a lower price per pound.

Linked sausage are $2.50/lb for Hot Italian, Sweet Italian and Kielbasa.

Smoking is $2.50/lb which takes about an extra month typically depending on the smokehouse schedule.

Delivery on our weekly route is $10 or you can pickup at the farm. Shipping FedEx is available and typically runs about $400 to $600 additional per pig based on location.

Actual final price depends on hanging weight, smoking options, sausage options, delivery, etc.

A batch of hot dogs is about to come back from the smokehouse so if you order a pig and want some hot dogs too (+$4.50/lb with pig order) be sure to let us know and we’ll save some out for you.

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4 Responses to Pig Available 1st of Week September

  1. Jamie says:

    Wish I could avail myself of this opportunity. Your pork is great. I got some at city market. Love the photo of Ben and the pigs. Looks like wonderful pasture!

    • That area is the weaning paddocks. It is a sequence of ten paddocks which weaning piglets move through to learn about fencing, grazing and to wean from the sows. Successive groups move through about a month apart so each paddock gets a chance to grow back. The paddocks you see in that photo have already been grazed three times this year.

      • David Davidson says:

        I would be very interested in reading more about how you are managing your grazing and these weaning paddocks. I have never heard of grazing pigs before. The outdoor pigs I have seen have all been on dry lots or mud but never in fields like this. I am fascinated by how you are managing them with your sheep.

  2. Mimi says:

    Ah-ha! I think I see a joke in the picture! I am always looking for things like this in your photos as I know you like to leave some gags in both your articles and images. There are two Bens not one. I don’t think you have identical twin sons so I take it this picture is one of your collages and Ben moved between the photos. Fun!

    Love your meat. We buy at Upper Valley Coop in White River Junction Vermont. Wish we had a freezer big enough for a whole pig. We’re thinking of doing your CSA thing where we would get a box a month of some smaller amount we could handle in our little apartment fridge freezer.

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