More Chicory Flower Colors

Pink Chicory Flowers

You might remember the discussion of chicory flower colors recently. Violet vs blue. Well, I’ve found two more – white and pink – out in our fields.

White Chicory Flowers

They represent perhaps 1% of the chicory flowers. Chicory is a favored forage of pastured pigs and chickens.

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2 Responses to More Chicory Flower Colors

  1. Nance says:

    hmmm. I will have to look closer. I would say, here in southern Iowa and northern Missouri that we just have Blue Chicory . . . but now I will be searching ditches and fields taking a census.

  2. Zanis says:

    I see the regular colour of chicory as blue – and I’ve seen a lot of it (dad used to pay me $0.25 a bucket to pull it out of the turf… even then this amount was not very motivational). In any case, there’s a weedy area nearby were at least 1/4 of the plants have white flowers. Toronto.

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